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Our Products

  • For Cutter Processing

     For cutter processing

    CK-11    CK-16

    Application: all type of cutting and emulsified meat products.

    Properties :

    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Improve protein extraction
    • Improve crunchy and springiness significantly
    • Extend shelf life
  • Compound Emulsifier

    E16   E26   E56

    Application: Emulsifying fat, recombining fat


    • Irreversibility
    • Prevent starch retrogradation
    • Prevent moisture loss and fat loss
  • For Injection

    For injection and tumbling

    CP-15    CP-17   CP-18   CP-36  CP-38

    Application: injection, tumbling and marinade for cured and uncured meat, poultry and seafood.

    Properties :

    • Dissolve quickly in very cold brine
    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Improve texture
    • Improve protein extraction
    • Improve crunchy and springiness


  • For Seafood

    For seafood 


    Application: Frozen seafood


    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Activate protein of seafood
    • Prevent cooking loss and dripping loss during unfreezing
    • Protect color
    • Prevent nutritional loss
    • Enhance sensory

    Customized mixing with functional ingredients, spice, colloid etc., to meet specific requirements from customers.


    Application: in accordance with actual demand.

    Improve characters of final products accordingly

  • Compound Thickener

    Based on Carrageenan, formulated with different functional ingredients, can improve springiness significantly.

     G23  G222   for tumbling and cutter processing

    G27  for injection and tumbling

    Application:  Various types of meat product


    • Improve crunchy and springiness
    • Improve cohesiveness
    • Prevent moisture loss
    • Improve stability

Supplier of Quality Functional Food Ingredients

Company’s Introduction

Qingdao Rixin Food Science And Technology Co. Ltd is a China-based organization that leads the Chinese food ingredients market for more than a decade now. Qingdao Rixin Food Science And Technology Co. Ltd also known as Qdtaste, is an expert in research, production, application development & export of products which can play comprehensive function on meat products. Being a reliable Functional food ingredients supplier, we offer a wide range of Functional Food Ingredients, Functional Phosphate Blends, Compound Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Functional spice, etc.

Located in Chengyang, Qingdao which is known as one of the major import/export hubs of china. We are the pioneers of functional food compound manufacturing particularly in China. The company itself is a role model for other small organizations having a similar product line. We focus mainly on quality which is the sole reason behind our global success. The company operates a massive facility & farmland under expert supervision which has ultimately led us to the position where we stand today. All sales staffs are also technical specialist, each of them has at least 10 years of working experience in meat plants, so they know application well, can develop customized functional food ingredients accordingly. That’s the reason we’re leader in current International Market.

List of Functional Food Ingredients Qdtaste offers

Qingdao Rixin Food Science And Technology Co. Ltd also known as Qdtaste is undoubtedly one of the finest Functional food ingredients supplier, particularly in China. The company offers a wide variety of functional food ingredients that are manufactured through precision & perfection which is what makes us one of the best in all of China. Functional ingredients, in general, are referred to as natural ingredients & over the past decade they gained great amount of value due to a large number of benefits they offer some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Improve texture
  • Improve taste
  • Improve yield

The functional food ingredients that Qdtaste offer:

  • Functional phosphate blends
  • Compound thickener
  • Compound emulsifier
  • Functional spice

Properties of Functional Phosphate Blends

Phosphates, as functional food ingredient, are used widely in food processing, such as meat application, dairy application, bakery application and beverage application.

As functional ingredient, for meat application, its main functions are:

  1. Dissociates the actomyosin into individual components
  • Enables myosin to solubilise.
  • Enables muscle protein structure to ‘open up’.
  • Enables myosin to hydrate.
  1. Sequesters metal ions (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, etc).
  2. Increases the pH, away from the isoelectric point of the meat.
  3. Increases the ionic strength (synergistically with salt).

Being one of the essential functional food ingredients in meat products, Qdtaste phosphate blends has below properties:

  • Improve Water Holding Capacity, maximize yield
  • Improve texture
  • Extend shelf life
  • Achieve right PH to maintain natural color
  • Improve sensory

Why Qdtaste Functional Phosphate Blends

Each phosphate has a unique functional advantage. Only optimum combination of phosphates can play integrated function for particular products.

Based on years of experience on research and application, optimized formula, professional production, Qdtaste can provide quality phosphate blends with excellent property.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our top most priority at Qdtaste which is why we are reknown as the top functional food ingredients supplier from China . Our facilities & expert’s designed production methods are in accordance with the international standards which includes compliance with standards mentioned by GMP, HACCP- (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), QAI (Quality Assurance International) & Chinese Food & Beverages Industry. We being an ethical Functional food ingredients supplier constantly focus on upgrading our knowledge & machinery to ensure top level quality at all times.

Qdtaste Quality Control programs include:

  • Identity testing of all Products during & after production
  • Inspections Conducted by Experts
  • Sanitation
  • Proper Inspection of Pest controls on monthly bases
  • Quarterly Based training of Employees
  • Monitoring of overall facility Environments
  • Sampling of Air by Experts
  • Annual audits conducted by CQC (China Quality Certification Center).

Research & Development

Qingdao Rixin Food Science And Technology Co. Ltd is devoted towards research & implementation of new technologies & methodologies of production. Our expert R&D team is constantly working to enhance not only the quality of the product but to ensure company growth as well. Qdtaste being an ethical functional food ingredients supplier plays the vital role of being a leader in research & development of functional food ingredients for meat industry worldwide.t

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