Qingdao Rixin Food Science and Technology


Company’s 15 years of vast experience speaks for itself as we have developed from being the most ethical to the most successful Functional Food Ingredients Supplier from China. The company has grown over a new leaf in terms of manufacturing & supplying & currently leads the food industry with its research & production capabilities.



  • Leader position of function phosphate blends in China
  • Professional technique provider of phosphates application for food industry, especially for meat and seafood industry
  • Comprehensive ingredients provider for meat industry
  • Customers cover top meat enterprises in China


The company offers a wide range of services which can be availed by our customers upon request. We are an ISO 9001/27001 certified company that complies with International & domestic standards in accordance with our customer’s specific region. The company is proud to state that it achieved a massive record of production units in a single year in 2009.



  • Provide quality products
  • Provide strategic technique solution package
  • Provide sincere service
  • Continuous innovation


During practical application, a group of technique experts from food industry noticed the huge demand for top grade functional phosphate blends in domestic market, then they established their own blending plant in 2009 and named TASTE. In 2010, TASTE became main supplier of Shuanghui (Shineway) which is the biggest meat enterprise in China.

Benefit from our top RD team, from 2010 to 2015 our sales grew rapidly, establish and maintain leader position on function phosphate blend. Our customers cover main meat enterprises in China.

In 2013, we merged a carrageenan plant, to enrich our products.

In 2015, TASTE began to develop formula for spice blends, seafood and prepared meat products application and got innovative achievements. In 2016, the three fields would be new sales-increasing project. In the meantime, TASTE merged QINGDAO RIXIN FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO LTD to develop global market


Customer satisfaction is our top most priority which we achieve by putting supreme efforts towards priorities of our valuable customers. We ensure the value of our products through customer feedback which comes in handy in mitigating the minor issues that may arise during usage. We focus heavily on not only mature but fresh customers as well. Each our product is manufactured through the state of the art technological equipment operated by experts under expert supervision.



The company is well known throughout the globe due to its high-quality products that are valued by some of the top mobile giants of the current era. Qdtaste is undoubtedly one of the best which is why we are recognized in numerous regions such as Asia, Europe, Africa, US, etc.