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Qingdao Rixin Food Science And Technology Co. Ltd. has been a reliable food additive manufacturer; serving people in a broader perspective. We are providing all kinds of substance added or processed with edibles comes under food additives. With reference to legal regulations food additive refers to every substance included in the food with an intention of it becoming the component of the food or impacting the characteristics of the food directly or indirectly.

Rise in Demand of Food Additives

Qingdao Rixin Food is one of the authentic food additive manufacturers of 20th century who has brought new opportunities for manufacturing food additives. We are serving this because it was the time when the usage of processed food was significantly increased, welcoming new varieties of additives. Many products today like low-calorie foods, snacks and instant cooking foods can’t exist without food additives.

The Role of Food Additives

Additives are used for diverse food preparation and storage needs and also to boost the food’s nutrition value. Most commonly food additives like pyridoxine, calcium carbonate, riboflavin, thiamine, folic acids, zinc oxide, iron and different vitamins are included in breakfast cereals, bread, flour, milk, margarine, biscuits, pasta and gelatin desserts. To replace Vitamins C, E and A, additives such as ascorbic acid, Alpha-tocopherol and beta carotene are used. Other than improving the nutritive value of food additives play a crucial role in enhancing the appearance of the food, extending the spoilage period and increasing the availability of certain foods throughout the year through their preservation.

Licensing and Regulation

Food additives; at Qingdao Rixin are strictly tested and regulated by food additive manufacturer. The substances are provided by regulated or licensed  and food preparation industries use these during the production, processing, treatment, packaging, shipping and for the safe storage of the food. These additives are today providing to make sure to increase the intended level of use which is safe for consumption. All kinds of food additives are thoroughly assessed with scientific knowledge and methods of testing before these may be added to the foods.

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  • For Seafood

    For seafood 


    Application: Frozen seafood


    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Activate protein of seafood
    • Prevent cooking loss and dripping loss during unfreezing
    • Protect color
    • Prevent nutritional loss
    • Enhance sensory