Phosphate Blends

Premium Quality Phosphate Blends

Description of Phosphate Blends

Phosphates are one of the most demanded products that are mostly preferred in a wide variety of curing solutions & cured meats due to their wide range of benefits they bring to the final products. Phosphates have the unique ability to bind water & chelate ions which can improve texture and extend shelf life. Phosphates, unlike nitrite & salt, have become a basic ingredient for cured meats especially ones that are expected by consumers. Phosphates are widely utilized In cured meats but are not a part of the product that falls in the category of dry & semi-dry meat products.

Specification of Qdtaste Phosphate Blends

Qdtaste offers a wide variety of phosphates that provide a wide range of benefits to its user. Our phosphates are mostly preferred for cooked cured meat like sausage, ham, bacon. Phosphates usually differ in terms of properties & functionalities. Some major properties of qdtaste phosphates are listed below:

  • Fast solution
  • Improve water holding capacity
  • Improve texture and crunchy of final products
  • Maximize yield

Properties of Phosphate Blends

Our phosphate blends are utilized in wide variety of applications. Our phosphates are mostly a part of processed meat applications. In general Qdtaste phosphates have 2 most important properties 1 is they are good pH level whereas other is good solubility in water. Phosphates produced by Qdtaste have an impressive range of around 5.0to 10.0 pH depending on the type phosphate blend being used whereas they have an impressive 10g/100ml to 20g/100ml solubility level. With Qdtaste phosphate blends, you can get 200kgs max of final products from 100kgs of raw material.

Most commonly our phosphate blend “alkaline” is utilized in large quantity within processed meats which ensure enhancement in pH levels alongside increasing water retention. Phosphates manufactured by Qdtaste are highly reliable, durable, eco-friendly & less expensive which is why they are utilized throughout the globe. Quality is a major factor as slightest of the mistakes can cause uncertain reactions & Qdtaste ensure 99.9% quality level in all or phosphates. Our phosphates are generally blended with 4 groups.

  • Orthophosphates
  • Pyrophosphates
  • Tripolyphosphates
  • Polyphosphates

Functions of Phosphate Blends

Phosphates are quite similar to other ingredients in terms of utilization. They are most preferred within the mixture of meat to ensure enhancement of overall quantity of proteins alongside extraction & retaining a specific amount of water needed to ensure freshness in meat. This is one of the major functions that phosphates perform which not only ensures enhancement in cooking procedures but also provides enhanced texture, tenderness & juiciness of the meat. In general Qdtaste phosphate, blends mostly operate in a two-way function.

The 1st part includes utilization of alkaline which enhances the level of pH & ionic strength within a specific mixture of meat which ultimately means enhancing water retention whereas the 2nd part involves supports the functionality of removing transverse myofibrillar proteins. Apart from these 2 basic functions phosphates also serves as an agent that provides the feasibility to reduce a certain amount of sodium chloride within cured meats. Phosphates are a great resource for the contribution of antioxidant action within processed meat. Our reliable phosphates have the ability to enhance solubility. Phosphates manufactured by Qdtaste have minimal effects on color as their functionalities ensure that meat color remains the same for longer periods of time.

Why Choose Us

Qdtaste being one of the most trusted manufacturers of food additives exports a large quantity of phosphates to different parts of the world. All our products are in accordance with international standards. We provide quality in all our operations whether its production, storage, export or after sale service. Our products are being exported to wide range of countries such as Argentina, Germany, Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, India, etc. t

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  • For Cutter Processing

     For cutter processing

    CK-11    CK-16

    Application: all type of cutting and emulsified meat products.

    Properties :

    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Improve protein extraction
    • Improve crunchy and springiness significantly
    • Extend shelf life
  • For Injection

    For injection and tumbling

    CP-15    CP-17   CP-18   CP-36  CP-38

    Application: injection, tumbling and marinade for cured and uncured meat, poultry and seafood.

    Properties :

    • Dissolve quickly in very cold brine
    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Improve texture
    • Improve protein extraction
    • Improve crunchy and springiness


  • For Seafood

    For seafood 


    Application: Frozen seafood


    • Improve Water Holding Capacity, thereby improve yield
    • Activate protein of seafood
    • Prevent cooking loss and dripping loss during unfreezing
    • Protect color
    • Prevent nutritional loss
    • Enhance sensory