We’re ISO22000 certified. Food safety is always No. 1 among what we care. at the very beginning, we established complete QC and traceability system, which Comply with  SOP — Standard Operation Procedure: from the raw material to final products, establish complete record for each step to enable tracing to the accurate raw material for each batch

SOP – Raw Material

All suppliers must be ISO or HACCP certified, only qualified raw material are allowed to be purchased, Do testing for each batch and release after approved. Do regular on-site evaluation for suppliers.


Equipped with top brand, Mettler Toledo MFS (Manual Formulation System), ensure accurate operation for formulation, blending.GMP standard and HACCP program are implemented throughout the whole processing. All CCPs are identified significantly and monitored strictly.

SOP-Testing and Sampling

Do testing for each batch of the products, sample is taken from the final packed product. Only approved cargo can be released. Samples with relevant COA would be hold for at least two years

SOP – Clean Transportation

Cooperate with qualified food transport company, check and confirm the vehicles are clean, odorless, no contamination and suitable for food application. Do disinfection or fumigation if necessary

SOP  –  Complaint and Claim

Determine the cause of non-conformity, evaluate impact of non-conformity, provide solution, do correction and verify corrective effect.


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